22 Mar 2012

SPC programme in Fiji looks at other flour alternatives due to soaring prices

7:49 am on 22 March 2012

In Fiji, crops like breadfruit, dalo, cassava and even kumala are being used to make homemade flour as a way to counter the soaring prices of imported goods.

Training to make homemade flour from homegrown crops is part of a 7 month course run once a year by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in Narere on the outskirts of Suva, Fiji.

A recipe book incorporating the homemade flour and the flour itself is also expected to go on sale this year.

The instructor for health and nutrition at the SPC's Education Training Centre, Atelini Koroi, says apart from economic reasons, the flour is also perfect for those who are gluten intolerant.

"We've used the flour to test out recipes. We've successfully translated the flour into some goodies. I'm talking about a variety of cakes, scones, muffins and savouries."

Atelini Koroi says the recipe book using the homemade flour is expected to be released about June this year, with the flour expected to be on shelves at the end of the year.