19 Mar 2012

Fiji Land Transport Authority taking sexual harrassment very seriously

5:13 pm on 19 March 2012

Fiji's Land Transport Authority says it's taking complaints about sexual harrassment by public service drivers very seriously.

Women's organisations say women and transgender passengers face widespread harrassment and abuse by taxi, bus and minivan drivers.

The've also reacted strongly to the suggestion last week from the former head of the taxi association that drivers will stop the harrassment if women stop wearing short skirts.

The authority's Timoci Satakala says it's very concerned about the situation.

"Because these concern our mothers, our sisters, our daughters and we're taking it on board as a responsible organisation would do, in listening to the young women and taking the concerns very seriously and making sure they are addressed."

Timoci Satakala says the Land Transport Authority is reviewing the entry standards for becoming a public service driver.