16 Mar 2012

Samoa hotels booked out for June's independence celebrations

1:14 pm on 16 March 2012

All hotels in Samoa's capital are fully booked for the end of May and early June when the country marks its 50th celebrations of independence and hosts an international weightlifting tournament.

The President of Samoa's Hotel Association says there are no hotel rooms left in Apia during that period as an influx of visitors is expected from around the world, including New Zealand, China and Argentina.

Tuala Oli Ah Him says accommodation providers who have no vacancies left are now referring visitors to their competitors, which he says does not usually happen.

"We have plenty of beach fales out of Apia, out of town, so maybe half an hour to an hour's drive, depending on how far you're going to drive out to the beach fales, the bungalows on the beach. So we still have plenty of room for people who are coming but they have to be staying out on the outer villages where other resorts are."

Tuala Oli Ah Him says some businesses are also providing visitors with budget accommodation in town apartments in Apia.