14 Mar 2012

Former coup leader reiterates claim that democracy may not work in Fiji

5:23 pm on 14 March 2012

A former coup leader in Fiji says democracy as it is practised in other parts of the world may not be applicable in Fiji.

Sitiveni Rabuka's comment follows the interim prime minister's announcement of the abolition of the Great Council of Chiefs.

The council was suspended following the 2006 military coup and in 2008 new regulations governing it were introduced.

Mr Rabuka, who led the 1987 coup, says when he handed power back to a civilian president he asked him to look at Fiji's own brand of democracy.

"Which is traditionally socialist, bringing into play and into an active part of the ruling of the nation, the traditional customary rights and leadership. But now the mainstay of that system has now been totally cancelled by this announcement by Bainimarama."

Sitiveni Rabuka says with the economic collapse of democratic countries such as Greece people may want to reassess the value of democracy.