14 Mar 2012

Permanent stay on proceedings against PNG Chief Justice

6:27 am on 14 March 2012

The National Court of Papua New Guinea has issued a permanent stay on proceedings against the chief justice of the supreme court.

Sir Salamo Injia was arrested last week in the capital, Port Moresby, and charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice amid police allegations he illegally diverted almost US$100,000 into court coffers.

The stay comes amid increasing criticism from political and judicial circles that the arrest of Sir Salamo was politically motivated.

Calling the charges an abuse of process, Judge George Manuhu granted a permanent stay on proceedings and issued a restraining order stopping police from arresting Sir Salamo.

Judge Manuhu said the chief justice was just doing his job by ensuring the payment of entitlements were correct.

He said police must not become an instrument of what he called revenge and of unnecessary proceedings.