12 Mar 2012

Doctors in American Samoa defy Friday clinic closures

4:37 pm on 12 March 2012

Although American Samoa's LBJ Hospital began closing clinics on Friday to cut costs, some doctors continued to see patients throughout the day.

Clinics, apart from the Emergency Room, Dialysis and Family Planning, were directed to close one day a week to try and cut the LBJ's costs.

One doctor, who spoke on condition that he not be named, says he continued to see patients because he didn't think it right to refuse them treatment.

The doctor also says the closures would also increase his workload on the other days of the week.

Meanwhile the Senate Investigating Committee is to begin hearings tomorrow on the financial crisis and operations at the hospital.

One area the committee will probe is the 16 million US dollars of accounts receivables.

The Senators heard testimony last week that the bulk of that may not be collectable for a variety of reasons, including that the patients have left the territory or have died.