12 Mar 2012

PNG journalist demands investigation after police threats

4:40 pm on 12 March 2012

A Papua New Guinea journalist who says police assaulted him and threatened to blow him up with a hand grenade, is calling for an investigation into the incident.

Patrick Talu, who is the business editor for South Pacific Post, says the event occurred at Unagi Oval last week when he showed up to do a follow up story on an issue between landowners and the liquified natural gas project.

He says he was assaulted by police who were upset with front page pictures in the Post Courier newspaper showing police chasing landowners during a protest outside parliament the previous day.

"They just assaulted me, they pushed me to the ground, removed my handset from my phone and one of those policemen he just pulled a hand grenade out of his pocket and said in Tok Pisin, he said, I'll blow you off, just get away from here."

Patrick Talu says the incident took place in front of about 20 armed police from the Highlands.