12 Mar 2012

Hollywood filmmaker to explore Marianas Trench

11:32 am on 12 March 2012

Film maker James Cameron will soon be plunging to the deepest point on earth, the Mariana Trench, which is eleven kilometres below sea level.

Cameron is National Geographic's 'explorer-in-residence' and will make the journey down in a specially designed submersible vehicle as part of a deep ocean research project to learn more about unknown parts of the planet.

It will be the first extensive manned exploration of the Mariana Trench's lowest point located 300 kilometres southwest of Guam.

Cameron will spend six hours at the bottom of the trench and will collect samples for research in marine biology, microbiology, astrobiology, marine geology, and geophysics.

He has written and directed many films including Avatar, Titanic and The Abyss.