12 Mar 2012

American Samoa Republicans to vote on endorsement

6:51 am on 12 March 2012

The American Samoa Republican Party will hold its caucus on Tuesday and should know by then the candidate they will vote for in the Republican convention in Florida.

Party Chairman, Dr Victor Tofaeono, says his group is not yet committed to any candidates

Dr Tofaeono says the local party only has 9 votes, and want to make sure American Samoas votes count.

"We don't want to vote for somebody who will not be the nominee because then our votes will be wasted . So we have to pretty well decide by Tuesday who that nominee will be so that we can back the right person."

The Romney Campaign is sending the candidate's son Matt Romney to the Northern Marianas and Guam next week to try and sway republicans there to vote for him.

The combined votes for Guam, Northern Marianas and American Samoa is around 59.