8 Mar 2012

CNMI's Healthcare Corp still needs 200,000 US dollars to meet payroll

11:29 am on 8 March 2012

In the Northern Marianas, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation is still short by some 200,000 US dollars to fully meet its payroll tomorrow.

The corporation, which runs Saipan's lone hospital, however paid on Monday the allotments of its personnel, including two pay periods of health premiums to insurance carriers.

The corporation needs about 800,000 dollars each payroll for about 600 employees on three islands-Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

The corporation says it's "possible but not guaranteed" that the payroll will be issued to employees on time.

On average, the hospital collects about 600,000 dollars monthly and this increases significantly when reimbursement and claims from Medicare and Medicaid kick in.