7 Mar 2012

Fiji's Director of Public Prosecutions scotches criticism of his office

6:54 pm on 7 March 2012

Fiji's Director of Public Prosecutions Christopher Pryde has scotched criticism his office lacks competence and independence.

He was responding to a report by the British law group, Law Society Charity.

The report pointed to a series of unexplained dismissals in the DPP's office, and what it called the overcharging of some accused in order to control opposition to the regime.

Mr Pryde, who was appointed in November, says his prosecution decisions are based on objective criteria.

"It is without reference to any minister of government including the Attorney General. There's nobody that calls me up to tell me to prosecute people or to withdraw charges. That is entirely the prerogative of the Director of Public prosecutions."

Christopher Pryde says there have been employment issues in the past as with any organisation but his office is now looking for ten new staff who will be chosen based on experience, professionalism and integrity.