7 Mar 2012

Savaii high chief says women will vote for women

5:19 pm on 7 March 2012

A female matai or high chief on the island of Savaii in Samoa says rural women will vote for women to get into parliament.

Unasa Peau Falesui, who lives in Faga, attended last week's forum in Apia on the proposal to amend the constitution to allow the creation of five reserved seats for women.

She says many village women are afraid to speak out and need to be encouraged to step up into leadership positions.

"That's why I brought up the motion there to have workshops in the villages before we get into our main reason why we want to be leaders for the government. They will understand and they will vote for women."

Unasa Peau Falesui says the workshops must be held, especially on Savaii, to educate women about why it's so important there be more women in parliament.