7 Mar 2012

RAMSI photo exhibition opens in Auckland

7:06 pm on 7 March 2012

A photo exhibition showcasing the progress made in the nine years of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands has opened in Auckland.

Solomon Islands militants surrendering their weapons, riots in the capital and the strengthening of the Solomons police force are some of the subjects covered.

RAMSI's Deputy Special Coordinator Wayne Higgins says it showcases how the Pacific has come together to help a friend in need and shows how far the country has come since 2003.

"If you look at the beginning, there was a lot of distress on people's faces and the burning of weapons and seizing of weapons and you saw some of the pictures just before RAMSI arrived of people in semi-military get up out on the streets. And then you look at it now where there's a lot more normalcy. I think that shows the development through the years. And it's had its ups and downs."

Wayne Higgins says RAMSI is now in a transition phase and is trying to slowly scale back its presence in Solomon Islands.