5 Mar 2012

Sport: CISNOC cuts international travel from budget, reveals financial windfall

11:42 am on 5 March 2012

International travel has been removed from the Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee's operational budget in an attempt to reign in the committee's spending.

Acting treasurer Bernadette Raffe preseted the no frills budget at a special meeting last week and says it was as lean as you can get.

Cook Islands News reports Raffe as saying any trips overseas must be funded through other sources however there is a small allocation for things like departure tax and transit fees.

$136 000 US dollars has been budgeted for operational costs for the year until June 2013.

Meanwhile a $US100,000 'windfall' from the International Olympic Committee was also revealed at last weeks meeting.

CISNOC secretary general Rosie Blake said the extra funds would be used for athlete preparations for the 2012 London Olympics.

Cook Islands Triathlon Association president Geoff Stoddart questioned why remaining Olympic codes weren't getting any of the funding from the International Olympic Committee with nearly all the funds being funnelled towards the five codes preparing for the Olympics.