1 Mar 2012

US company in Samoa denies business is encouraging stealing

8:12 am on 1 March 2012

A company buying used gold and silver in Samoa has denied allegations their business is encouraging criminals to steal gold and other valuables.

A spokesman for US company, Secured Gold Buyers, Mike Hale says he understands there was crime in Samoa before their arrival and this will continue after they leave.

The Samoa Observer reports that a prominent businesswoman, who had some of her expensive jewellery stolen last week, blamed the company for encouraging criminals to steal.

She says this sort of business is not healthy for Samoa.

However Mr Hale says the couple that came in and sold the items in question, were dressed like ordinary people, presented ID's and signed a testimony.

He could not give an estimate cost of the value of the items that were sold but said that copies of transactions and other relevant information were handed to a detective for their investigation.

The company will continue to do business in Samoa and Mr Hale says they have paid thousands of tala to good families who wanted to get the best price possible for their items.