29 Feb 2012

Investigation against Chinese businessman links to Samoa nonu problem

10:17 am on 29 February 2012

A New Zealand company that produces organic nonu juice, Pure Pacifika Limited says it has stopped purchasing the fruit from Samoa as a court case has been brought against promoters of its product in China.

The Nonu Association in Samoa this week urged farmers not to waste an over-supply of the fruit as Pure Pacifika failed to purchase a large quantity of nonu, after encouraging an expansion in production.

The Director of Pure Pacifika Phillip McNicholl says investigations were launched in Hong Kong against Chinese businessman Jack Chen and two of his colleagues, who the company signed a deal with in June.

Mr McNicholl says Pure Pacifika cannot take more juice as Mr Chen and his colleague's accounts have been frozen, preventing them from progressing with the nonu deal but it is looking for other markets.

He says the lawsuit is unrelated to the Samoan nonu industry.