28 Feb 2012

Blogger alarmed at PNG internet crackdown

3:05 pm on 28 February 2012

A blogger in Papua New Guinea says a new government declaration aimed at reining in social media is scary, but people are waiting to see how it will be applied.

Last week, the chief of staff in the Prime Minister's office, Ben Micah, announced a government crackdown on subversive activity on the internet.

He says government agencies are monitoring the internet and he urges people to inform on those spreading what he calls malicious and misleading anti-state information online and through text messages.

Blogger Emmanuel Narakobi says it reminds him of witchhunts like the attempts in the United States to ferret out communists.

"If you have got a clear definition of what is wrong with what people are saying then it is easier for you to understand that is right or wrong but when you just say generally anti government or that sort of language, which is their own interpretation, and also on the other side of it, not tying it down to any sort of law - clearly stating what sort of law you would be breaking, it can appear to be a scary place to go."

Emmanuel Narakobi