27 Feb 2012

Samoa media against any government involvement in planned council

7:20 pm on 27 February 2012

The owner of a Samoa media organisation says a media council is needed if the industry is to gain the trust of the public.

All media organisations, except for the Samoa Observer, have agreed to set up a media council, but recommended the body be self regulated without any involvement from the government or other politicians.

The owner and managing editor of Talamua media, Apulu Lance Polu, says such a body can play a major role in maintaining and improving standards, and promoting public awareness about the role of the media and media freedom.

He says in the past there's been some reporting that has harmed reputations, but currently the only option for the public is to take the matter before the courts.

Apulu says the media council will provide a solution to this.

"Well that's the most important thing, a body that would gain the trust of the public and who the public can go to if there's anything that would affect any member of the public - people would have somewhere to go to that they can afford. They would trust that their complaints would be addressed."

Apulu Lance Polu says the council will also be useful when facing powerful institutions such as village councils and the church.