27 Feb 2012

Samoa village takes exception to newspaper letter, bans writer

2:42 pm on 27 February 2012

The village council of Solosolo in Samoa has banned a 29 year old man for a letter, published in the Samoa Observer, that was critical of the village.

Sebastian Satoa's letter criricised the Solosolo village council for the fire which destroyed the home of a banished matai, Leota Ituau Ale.

The village also fined Mr Satoa's parents.

The Solosolo mayor Segaula Lo'i says the parents have been forgiven but their son is banned from ever setting foot in the village again.

He says Mr Satoa has gone too far and has shamed the village by writing the letter.

Police are still investigating the cause of the fire that destroyed the matai's home.