24 Feb 2012

Typhoid outbreak in Fiji prompts emergency declaration in Ba area

5:16 pm on 24 February 2012

The Ministry of Health in Fiji has declared a public health emergency for two villages in the Western Division in response to a typhoid outbreak.

The deputy secretary of public health Joe Koroivueta says the outbreak doesn't relate to recent flooding as the two settlements in inland Ba weren't in the areas affected.

Mr Koroivueta says the first cases were reported in January, but now there have been eight confirmed cases in one village, and six in another.

He says under the declaration, a ban has been placed on mass gatherings and the slaughtering of animals.

People living in the villages will be restricted from moving in and out and Mr Koroivueta says measures will be put in place to ensure food gets in.

"There's going to be a problem but we've got a mechanism whereby we're going to do that. Basically people will be allowed to, they'll be controlled, they'll be regulated what goes in, what goes out and also how to get into the area."

Joe Koroivueta says the declaration will be reassessed after 30 days.