23 Feb 2012

Englishman gets nod as new Solomon Islands police chief

8:13 pm on 23 February 2012

An English police officer, with previous links to Solomon Islands, has been chosen as the country's new police commissioner.

John Lansley was assistant to another Englishman Bill Morell, who was commissioner for two years from 2003.

Mr Lansley worked on that occasion as the Honiara police commander and later head of police operations.

He was chosen from a number of foreign and local candidates to fill a post made vacant nearly a year ago by the departure of New Zealander, Peter Marshall.

The prime minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says a selection panel headed by former governor general Nathaniel Waena made a recommendation.

He says he also got an assessment from the Police and Prisons Services Commission.

"And I am pleased to announce that that confirmation had come from the Police and Prisons Services Commission to now formally agree with our recommendation and that of the panel, that Mr John Michael Lansley be recommended to His Excellency the Governor General to be appointed as the next commissioner of police."