21 Feb 2012

Call on American Samoa government to admit mistakes over LBJ

6:58 pm on 21 February 2012

A doctor at the LBJ hospital in American Samoa says the government needs to own up to its mistakes and pay overdue subsidies.

Dr Mike Favazza says the hospital is suffering a severe cash shortfall because the hospital used its reserve funds to cover the non-payment of subsidies.

He applauds the governor's latest appropriation of three million US dollars, which has allowed to avert job cuts, higher fees to be dropped, and staff and patient morale be restored.

But Dr Favazza says many workers still feel hard done by.

"My personal opinion is that it's completely unfair to ask the workers who are working really hard at the LBJ to provide medical care with limited resources to pay for the mistakes of the administration that caused this problem in the first place."

Dr Favazza says he also believes it is illegal to sack board members who are all experienced at running a hospital, suggesting the board is doing its best under trying circumstances.