20 Feb 2012

Concern at rubbish in water ways sparks official prompt in Samoa

4:17 pm on 20 February 2012

A reminder of anti-litter penalties has been issued by Samoa's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

It has expressed alarm at the amount of rubbish brought to Apia by waterways that run through the coastal capital.

The government pays residents who live along the waterways in the urban area to keep them clear of rubbish and weeds.

But our correspondent reports the residents are often overwhelmed when heavy rain swells the water ways and large amounts of household rubbish overflows onto roads.

Elsewhere in the country rubbish thrown onto dry streams end up in the lagoons in the wet season.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment says individuals can be fined just over 2,000 US dollars and organisations or businesses could face fines of more than four thousand US dollars.