20 Feb 2012

Fiji PM petitioned over pension cuts

11:18 am on 20 February 2012

A group of elderly residents in Fiji is petitioning the interim Prime Minister in the hope of averting pension cuts.

The Substantive Fiji National Provident Fund Decree is due to be implemented on March the 1st when the current Transition Decree expires.

Fiji's Grey Power group say the changes will almost halve the amount paid to more than 3,000 senior citizens and amount to discrimination.

A pensioners' advocate Matt Wilson says existing contracts with the FNPF have been broken and court action against the changes blocked by decrees.

He says the petition is calling for an independent inquiry into the FNPF actions and is asking the Prime Minister to reconsider the cuts.

"We're asking him to adjudicate in this matter and to show compassion, inclusion and respect for those who are in the last season of their time on earth. And it's a poor reward for them to be victimised, and penalised and discriminated against in this manner."