20 Feb 2012

Tahiti test veterans in Paris over new compensation decree

6:51 am on 20 February 2012

French Polynesia's nuclear test veterans will be in Paris this week to be presented with the latest decree on compensating those suffering poor health because of exposure to the weapon tests.

This is in line with a televised video address by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy two weeks ago when he announced a loosening of the criteria for compensation laid down in the act, known as the Loi Morin.

Roland Oldham of the Moruroa e tatou group says the announcement was a media stunt as the defence ministry largely ignores the victims' input.

"There is nothing valid, there is nothing - just a media declaration. The Loi Morin, this law, for one year of its application, on the 200 plus files that we sent from the Polynesian people, none has been successful."