16 Feb 2012

Papua New Guineans called on to ensure they are on electoral roll

8:16 pm on 16 February 2012

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea says voters must make sure their names are on the electoral roll ahead of the June elections.

Chairman Lawrence Stephens says, to heighten public awareness, staff and others in his organisation recently checked the roll and found some of their names were missing.

He says this shows people need to make an effort to ensure they are on the roll and that their voices are heard in the election.

"There is a window of opportunity between the time the rolls are made public and the time voting starts, where you can make sure your name is put in there."

Transparency PNG's Lawrence Stephens, who says that the window is open for about two weeks, so people need to move quickly.

He says there has been some talk of delaying the election to allow the rolls to be completed but this would be both against the law and dangerous.

Mr Stephens says this is why it is important for the people to get involved.