15 Feb 2012

Fiji Times editor says self-censorship remains biggest danger for Fiji media

6:33 pm on 15 February 2012

The Editor in Chief of the Fiji Times, Fred Wesley, says self-censorship remains the biggest danger for Fiji's media.

He says his paper has remained vigilant about this before and after the lifting of the Public Emergency Regulations which put official censors in Fiji newsrooms.

Mr Wesley says The Fiji Times is still testing the water since the rules were lifted in early January.

"This was sort of like an enemy for us, the self-censorship issue so journalists were always told when you get an assignment, do the assignment. There is no question about whether it is going to go in or not going to go in, whether the censors will pull it out or not. Your job is to go out, get the story, make sure it's fair and balanced and put it into the system."

Fred Wesley says there has been no interference from the interim government since the lifting of the PER and communication with the Ministry of Information has improved.