14 Feb 2012

CNMI touted as attractive place to have babies for women from China

2:07 pm on 14 February 2012

Agencies in China are again promoting the Northern Marianas as a place for Chinese women to give birth.

At least three websites and one agency in China are marketing the CNMI as an alternative to Hong Kong and the United States mainland.

Maternity wards in Hong Kong are under pressure as mainland women try to circumvent China's one child policy and gain Hong Kong residency rights.

Our correspondent in Saipan Mark Rabago says the agencies are advertising Saipan's minimum 11,000 US dollar hospital fee and automatic United States citizenship.

"I just interviewed somebody yesterday and he said in his apartment he saw three Chinese women who had just arrived who looked five, six months pregnant. they're fresh from China and after giving birth, a couple of months, they'll be going back to China. So this has been a trend here."

Our correspondent in Northern Marianas, Mark Rabago.