13 Feb 2012

Hopes road repairs in Tonga's Ha'apai will start immediately

7:42 pm on 13 February 2012

People on Ha'apai are hoping the Tonga government will prioritise reports to their main road which has eroded to such an extent it is on the brink of disappearing completely.

Holopeka road is the only route on Lifuka that connects villages to the airport and the hospital, and is crucial for tourism.

But because the road has suffered extensive sea and weather damage over recent years, it is now just 2 metres wide in some places.

The representative of Ha'apai Constituency Number 12, Mo'ale Finau, says an engineer is to assess the road on behalf of the Minister of Transport.

But says like many others, he feels the project is extremely urgent.

"I think if we delay let's say for one week, that whole section of road will be cut into half, will be cut across from the other side of the street, from the ocean side to the other side of the road so we need to address that matter right now.'"

Mo'ale Finau says many constituents believe the government should have fixed the road years ago.