11 Feb 2012

PNG ferry survivors suffer stomach pain after swallowing oil

5:02 am on 11 February 2012

A church worker looking after survivors of last week's ferry disaster in Papua New Guinea says many of them are dealing with stomach pain after swallowing oily seawater.

Angela Worealevi of the Catholic Diocese in Lae says her centre is housing 66 survivors, 35 of whom are students.

She says a number of the survivors are coming to terms with the loss of a parent and many are also dealing with injuries from the sinking.

"Some of them they have these injuries from the cuts, you know if they were breaking the glass of the boat to come out and some from the oil and the sea mixed together that they - when they were drowning or something - they drank the water. But a lot of them are having stomach pain."

Angela Worealevi says the centre is treating the survivors and Lae's people and business community are providing a lot of food.