10 Feb 2012

Former teacher's rep in CNMI supports shorter day to cut power costs

11:44 am on 10 February 2012

The former Teachers' Representative in the Northern Marianas is supporting a decision to cut school hours to save power costs.

The Commissioner of Education's order, which came into effect on Monday, requires schools to dismiss students between 30 and 60 minutes earlier each day.

The former Teachers' Representative Ambrose Bennett says he understands the reason behind the decision, and is applauding the Commissioner's efforts to curtail the use of electricity.

"I think the commissioner is doing what is necessary to meet the demands for a reduction in the use of power to pay for the power we are presently using. As long as the students are receiving the hours in classes that is mandated by law, there's really nothing wrong with what she's attempting to do."

Ambrose Bennett says while no instructional time will be lost, the reduction in school hours may have an impact on extra-curricular activities.