8 Feb 2012

Three tragedies hit PNG in less than six months

5:54 pm on 8 February 2012

The minister for Transport and Works, Francis Awesa, says the loss of life through three different disasters in the past few months in Papua New Guinea is unprecedented.

In October a plane crash killed 28 people near Madang.

Recently a massive landslide in the Southern Highlands buried a village of people, in which at least 25 people are confirmed dead.

And last Thursday's shipping disaster could have claimed more than one hundred lives.

The government minister Francis Awesa says the country has endured a lot.

"It's been a terrible year for us. We've gone through a difficult time in our country's short history at this time. And most of these are due to I think to weather but some of it is human errors and all that."

Francis Awesa says two independent investigations have been launched into the landslide and ferry tragedy.