7 Feb 2012

PNG: Retrieving bodies from under landslide 'almost impossible'

8:49 pm on 7 February 2012

The minister for Transport and Works, Francis Awesa, says retrieving the bodies of those buried by a landslide in the Southern Highlands two weeks ago will be an almost impossible task.

The landslide struck in an area between the Hides gas fields and the liquified natural gas project's Nogoli base, while many people were still sleeping.

At least 25 people are confirmed dead, other reports suggest 60 could have died.

Mr Awesa says removing the debris which covered the village will be a huge job.

"It's almost impossible to get those bodies out because it's under rocks, large boulders, it's under soil, and all of which is under water, about two and a half to three million cubic inches of rock and soil."

The minister for Transport and Works, Francis Awesa.