6 Feb 2012

Cyclone could build momentum as it heads towards Vanuatu

2:34 pm on 6 February 2012

Forecasters in Vanuatu say there is a good chance that a category two cyclone will become more powerful as it approaches the country.

Tropical Cyclone Jasmine which formed near Darwin in Australia is moving in an easterly direction at about 10 kilometres per hour.

David Gibson of the Vanuatu Meteorological service says it is due to reach the island group on Wednesday morning.

He says it could affect the central or southern islands of Vanuatu.

"There's a good chance that it will get to category three before it comes close to the central or the southern islands of Vanuatu. There's a good open space out there. The sea surface temperature is good, conditions are good in the atmosphere and it's a good environment for it to build up."

David Gibson says the public has been warned about the onset of the cyclone system.