6 Feb 2012

American Samoa hospital fee hike row worsens

7:16 am on 6 February 2012

The American Samoan Governor Togiola Tulafono has threatened to bring the LBJ Hospital back under the government's control if hospital charges are hiked as planned.

Fee hikes are to take effect tomorrow, raising the outpatient charge from 10 US dollars to 50 dollars.

The governor says he has informed the hospital board that as soon as the rates are increased, he will send a bill to the Fono to dissolve the LBJ

Hospital Authority and the government will take control of the hospital.

Togiola says he's told the board if they're not capable of running the hospital it's best that the government step in.

The hospital's financial problems stem from the government's failure to pay nearly half of the mandated subsidies in the last fiscal year.