2 Feb 2012

Disappointment in American Samoa over hospital fee hikes

10:06 am on 2 February 2012

Officials at the LBJ hospital in American Samoa say fee hikes will be reviewed if the Fono comes up with money to meet its operating costs.

The hospital is to raise fees from next Monday, including outpatient fee from 10 US dollars to 50 dollars, and an increase from 50 to 100 dollars per day for inpatient stays.

The Chairman of the Hospital Authority Board of Directors Moananu Va says that a number of steps have been taken to give tangible financial assistance to keep the hospital open.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says there is disappointment in the community that politicians have taken no action.

"They've said that they will review the charges and also review the cashflow, if any substantive legislation comes through and is signed into law. But they also point out that unless there's a very significant continuing funding for the hospital, the LBJ will continue to face financial crisis from time to time."