31 Jan 2012

CNMI governor works to guarantee doctors' pay

11:09 am on 31 January 2012

The Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands says the transfer of about 261,000 US dollars from the Department of Finance to the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation is helping to avert a payless payday for doctors.

Benigno R. Fitial says the payless payday was expected at the hospital on Friday as the Healthcare Corporation was lacking the 800,000 dollars to meet its biweekly payroll.

Governor Fitial says hospital officials called him on Thursday, telling him that the corporation could not pay the doctors.

He says the finance department reviewed possible sources of funding that could be used to pay the doctors.

Governor Fitial says 261,000 dollars that Finance transferred to the Corporation is not part of the five million seed money allotted by the government to the corporation for fiscal year 2012.

He says the amount came from the reimbursement for Medicare and other services that the hospital had provided.