31 Jan 2012

Fiji prepares for yet more bad weather

7:26 am on 31 January 2012

Fiji is bracing itself for more heavy rain and high winds as a tropical depression heads towards the country.

The Fiji Meteorological service says it may reach cyclone proportions.

Sally Round reports.

"Fiji is still clearing up after last week's rain which caused heavy flooding, killing six people and forcing authorities to declare a state of disaster in the country's west. Authorities estimate the damage so far at more than 17 million US dollars, including over three million dollars in damage to crops which is affecting more than four and half thousand farmers and raising concerns about food. Regional hospitals have reported a few cases of dengue fever, diarrhoea and typhoid but the interim government says the rate is not alarming and it is educating people about health risks and giving out water purification tablets. As well as the clean-up, the government says it's focusing on getting bridges and roads back in action. Fifteen evacuation centres remain open."