30 Jan 2012

PNG MP says battle for power getting ugly

7:07 pm on 30 January 2012

Papua New Guinea's only female MP, Dame Carol Kidu, hopes when a new government is elected later this year, constitutional change can be brought about without bloodshed.

Dame Carol has announced her intention to sit as the opposition leader in parliament, to hold the Peter O'Neill led government to account.

She says last week's attempted military mutiny, linked to the power struggle between Peter O'Neill and Sir Michael Somare, was illegal.

She says there are underlying problems within the constitution and electoral law, which are starting to become more apparent now.

"Hopefully when a new government comes in later this year there can be a bipartisan approach to address some of these underlying issues and use the full term of the next term of parliament to make some legislative changes so that we avoid a complete break-down. We don't want to have to go the direction of Bouganville, places like that, where they got a new constitution out of bloodshed."

Dame Carol says in her 15 years as a politician she has never experienced the level of tension that exists now.