30 Jan 2012

Fiji prepares for more heavy rain

7:08 pm on 30 January 2012

The interim government in Fiji says it's in a good position to cope with more heavy rain forecast for Fiji this week.

Fiji is still clearing up after last week's deluge which caused heavy flooding, killing six people and forcing authorities to declare a state of disaster in the country's Western province.

The bad weather is already estimated to have caused more than 17 million US dollars worth of damage to infrastructure and crops.

The interim government spokesperson, Sharon Smith-Johns, says cleaning up is well underway.

"We've got about four hundred workers, that's not including the NGOs and the Red Cross, so most of the affected areas from last week's floods are back up and operational. We've got fresh water, food's getting to the affected people, electricity and roads are getting very much back to normal."

Sharon Smith-Johns says fifteen evacuation centres remain up and running in case they are needed.