30 Jan 2012

Cable to improve the quality of lives of Tongans

6:46 am on 30 January 2012

An 827 kilometre long cable which will bring high-speed internet to Tonga and allow better access to information, is expected to improve the quality of lives of people there.

The project is being co-financed by the Asia Development Bank, the World Bank Group, and Tonga Cable Limited, which will operate the cable.

The ADB project team leader for the venture, Hans Van Rijn says the benefits to business will be wide ranging including a reduction in travel costs as they make use of improved telecommunications.

He says the public will also benefit.

"It will provide opportunities for ICT applications in the education sector, say for example long distance learning. ICT applications in the health sector, it could involve diagnostics. It will facilitate electronic banking which will make it much easier for Tongans abroad to send their remittances home for example."

Hans Van Rijn says it is hoped the cable will be ready by August next year.