25 Jan 2012

Sugar areas hit by Fiji flooding

4:37 pm on 25 January 2012

Sugar officials will assess assess damage caused by Fiji's flooding in the coming days.

The government is not ruling out declaring a state of emergency, as it assesses information from flood-stricken parts of the country.

The - CEO of the Cane Growers Council, Sundresh Chetty, says his organisation will be out assessing both crops and infrastructure as soon as possible.

"Most of the cane areas have been affected but are unable to ascertain the extent of the damage yet. The rain has just stopped and water levels are now receding. We will be able to assess the damage once the roads are accessible."

Sundresh Chetty.

This afternoon, rain has begun to fall in the interior and Eastern parts of Viti Levu, and Fiji village reports the Rewa River level has risen above its normal level by 2.91 metres and is still rising.

Police say people living in the low lying areas near the Rewa River should take necessary precautions now.