25 Jan 2012

Sport: PNGRFL needs to regain faith of fans and businesses - Kuman

12:43 pm on 25 January 2012

One of the candidates for the chairmanship of the Papua New Guinea Rugby League Federation says the sport needs to regain the faith of the fans and business sector.

Eric Kuman is a former deputy chair and acting chair of the PNGRFL and is running against John Numapo and Gary Juffa for the chairman's position at this Saturday's Annual General Meeting in Lae.

An AGM was meant to have been held by the end of November last year but court battles and a dispute over affiliate fees delayed proceedings.

Eric Kuman says the new administration will need to work hard at rebuilding damaged relationships with fans and businesses.

"We've got to restructure the whole organisation and get the management in place so that we are seen from the international community and the business community and the people that the organisation is thriving and is functioning. So the welfare of the players as well as the technical and affiliate leagues is taken care of and that's what we need to restore immediately."