24 Jan 2012

Flooding still a big danger in Fiji's west despite easing of rain

8:11 pm on 24 January 2012

Authorities in Fiji continue to advise people in the West to remain indoors and avoid non-essential travel as flood waters continue to rise.

Two men have died and nearly eight-hundred have been removed to evacuation centres.

The West of Fiji has been worst affected with consistent heavy rain the past 72 hours.

Roads have been closed, some since Saturday, and Nadi Town is also flooded.

Schools in the West have been closed this week for the start of the school year.

Our correspondent Ricardo Morris says the flooding is still a major danger even though the rain has eased.

"The Ba and Nadi rivers are still the main worry at the moment because the wash-off from higher ground is starting to have an impact now, coupled with the higher tides coming in. The current is still quite strong in a lot of places and still poses quite a lot of danger to people, especially children."

Ricardo Morris