23 Jan 2012

Call for an end to impunity for Indonesian military in Papua abuses

4:13 pm on 23 January 2012

Abuses by military forces in Papua region again feature frequently in the Indonesia section of Human Rights Watch's annual world report.

Despite few foreign journalists and researchers allowed access to Papua, online social networks created increased international focus on Papua during a busy year of abuses by Indonesian security forces in the region.

However the NGO says Indonesian officials seem unwilling to take the steps necessary to ensure compliance by the forces with international human rights.

HRW's Phil Robertson says those responsible for abuses in Papua continue to enjoy impunity.

"The government has said that it will ensure that the Indonesian army is not a rights abusing army. But it has done very very little to back up that pledge with concrete action. There's a culture of impunity that really needs to be tackled. The international community has to premise its engagement with the Indonesian military on expecting that there will be reforms and demanding that those reforms take place."

Phil Robertson