23 Jan 2012

Fiji man swept down flooded river while trying to save his pigs

4:13 pm on 23 January 2012

Fiji police are continuing to search for a man who was swept away by strong currents while trying to rescue his pigs across a swollen river in the Northern Division of Vanua Levu.

Heavy rain has caused flooding in low-lying areas throughout the country.

The northern island of Vanua Levu has been the worst affected - many roads are flooded and bridges damaged.

Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri says ten police officers and a group of villages have been searching for the man since Sunday afternoon.

"FIJI MISSING TP (16 sec)"

This missing person had a pigsty opposite a creek. When the water started to rise he thought of rescuing his pigs and he jumped into the river to swim across. But unfortunately the currents swept him downstream and that was the last [time] that people saw him.

Inspector Sokomuri is also concerned about the safety of children who go back to school tomorrow.

Heavy rain is forecast for the next two days, and he is urging parents to supervise their children at all times.