19 Jan 2012

Somare restates legitimacy, warns of PNG collapse

6:47 pm on 19 January 2012

Papua New Guinea's veteran politician, Sir Michael Somare, has warned that the rival government led by Peter O'Neill is taking the country to the brink of collapse.

He says the state of PNG will not be bound by any deals done by an illegal regime, adding that companies and countries who seek to deal with this illegal regime must do so at their own risk.

Sir Michael has restated that the Supreme Court ruled last month that the O'Neill regime is an illegal government, pointing out that the decision is available on the internet to everyone wishing to read the orders of the court.

He alleges that ministers flew the government's Falcon jet to Asia on personal business carrying an international fugitive on board

The O'Neill-led government is holding key positions and claims to be legitimate with the support of a majority in parliament.

An attempt by Sir Michael to retake his seat in parliament this week was stopped amid roudy scenes.