20 Jan 2012

Former American Samoa senator Mailo Atonio dies

8:12 am on 20 January 2012

American Samoa is mourning the death of a prominent traditional leader.

Mailo Tony Atonio passed away at the LBJ hospital following a heart attack, aged 74.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller reports.

"Mailo Tony Atonio is a former senator, associate judge, businessman and author. Mailo Atonio served as senator for Fagatogo from 2007 to 2010. Before that he was an associate judge and he was also an Administrator of the High Court. Mailo was also a businessman owning a nightclub that was very hot in the 1980s called Caesar's Palace"

He also had a taro plantation in Hawaii. Mailo has also written two books about the Samoan culture. He is survived by his wife Fa'ava and seven children. 32