19 Jan 2012

Regenvanu disputes Vanuatu PM's accusations of disloyalty

1:08 pm on 19 January 2012

A dismissed Vanuatu cabinet minister Ralph Regenvanu says he has stuck by the government of Sato Kilman because he has not wanted to contribute to political instability in the country.

Mr Regenvanu says he is disappointed at his sacking on Monday because Mr Kilman did it by letter which he says is direspectful given his long-time support for the government.

In the letter Mr Kilman says Mr Regenvanu's decision to go against Council of Ministers' decisions raised serious questions of loyalty.

Mr Regenvanu says he has remained faithful despite many differences over policy decisions.

"Even though there were lots of things I didn't agree with, moving away from the current political grouping I'm in and switching sides over an issue or for perhaps better benefits wasn't something I wanted to contribute to. I don't want to contribute to political instability. There's more than enough of that."

Mr Regenvanu says his vote in parliament against World Trade Organisation accession was the main reason for his sacking but he felt he could not go against the overwhelming sentiments of Vanuatu people.