17 Jan 2012

Tahiti assembly to debate proposed French nuclear compensation law change

5:54 am on 17 January 2012

French Polynesia's ruling Union For Democracy has joined the nuclear test veterans organisation in criticising the former president, Gaston Tong Sang, for coming out against a proposed compensation law change.

The issue is today due to be discussed in the territorial assembly before the proposed law change is tabled in the French senate by Richard Tuheiava, who represents Tahiti in Paris.

Mr Tong Sang says he is against the proposal although in 2010 he had called on France to revisit the law offering compensation for some of the victims of the French nuclear weapons tests.

The Union For Democracy says there is surprise and incomprehension at his stance.

It says despite various urgent problems facing the territory, there is still room to stand up for the test victims.

The veterans organisation Moruroa e tatou says Mr Tong Sang takes on the responsibility of breaking the French Polynesians' unanimity about the concerns.